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  1. Recover files in Office for Mac
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  3. How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac

Irrespective of how did that happen, there is a chance you can recover unsaved files. When files are deleted not permanently they can be found in the Trash. Go to Trash, locate the files and restore the required file from trash. For instance, while working on a PowerPoint presentation your Mac crashes before saving it, then you can recover the unsaved PowerPoint file with the help of PowerPoint temp files. AutoRecovery, a built-in feature for Word in Mac is on by default. This implies that your Mac saves Incremental saving the files without telling you to manually do so; however, the only consideration is that you ought to initially save the Word document.

AutoRecovery saves files when Mac shuts down unexpectedly, for example, power failure. To access AutoRecovery file, which is a hidden file, you need to locate hidden files and folders in order to restore unsaved Word file. With this done, open Finder and type AutoRecover in the Spotlight search box.

You can recover unsaved Office files for Mac with the Terminal command but have to apply your technical sophistication to prevent ambiguity. Furthermore, to recover saved files lost due to accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, and corrupt storage devices, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is the most effective method. This is because the software facilitates straightforward recovery process which not only retrieves lost files with ease but saves your times as well.

Again, the files must have been saved initially on the hard drive in order to recover them through the software.

Recover files in Office for Mac

For instance, you can set AutoSave to save your files after every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. It is a good practice to save all your files and take backups periodically to prevent any untoward situation. The post has put together some useful tips on how you can quickly recover Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on Mac. Furthermore, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software makes the process quite easier as you have to simply make selections and this Do-It-Yourself utility takes care of everything.

In the end, you should turn to your backups to obviate such menacing situations. Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional is a easy to use application for lost office files recovery.

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Make sure that the Confirm file format conversion at Open check box is selected, and then close the General dialog box. On the Open menu towards the bottom right select Recover Text. The next time that you open an application, files in the AutoRecovery folder are listed in the Open Recent list. If you close a file and click Don't Save , the file is deleted from the AutoRecovery folder. Under Output and Sharing , click Save.

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Find the location where you want to automatically save files, and then click Choose. Make sure that the Confirm conversion at Open check box is selected, and then click OK. On the Standard toolbar, click Open. On the PowerPoint menu, click Preferences. Under Sharing and Privacy , click Save. Select the AutoSave or AutoRecover info every check box, and then enter how frequently you want Excel to save workbooks.

Find an automatically saved or recovered file The next time that you open an application, files in the AutoRecovery folder are listed in the Open Recent list. Get support. Expand your Office skills. Select the one you want to recover, rename the file, then add the ". Click the File menu and select "Save As"'.

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Type a new name for the file into the Name field, select a folder for the file and click the "Save" button. After suffering from the fear of losing your Word documents, you must not want to experience this kind of situation again. Thus, it's necessary for you to know how to avoid losing your Word files.

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  • To avoid completely losing your files, you can:. Thus, the chances to save a Word Document that has never been saved before are slim. Knowing this should give you a hint that you should save the word document at least once whenever you create a new one. After you save your Word document, the AutoSave feature will begin to work. To minimize the loss of the progress on the file you are working, you can change the frequency of AutoSave:. Check all the items under Save Options Recommended and change the interval of AutoSave, for example, from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes.

    Mac OS X Tutorial: Finding Lost Files on Your Apple Mac (iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro)

    If you follow the two tips above, you will substantially decrease the risk of losing your Word documents. What if you carelessly deleted your important Word files on your Mac? No worry. There is a free method to retrieve permanently deleted Word documents provided below.

    How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac

    Even so, it's still a last-ditch effort to take after all the other methods have failed. Anyway, it's worth a try. You're strongly recommended to download its free version for the first attempt. It won't cost you a penny to search for your missing files. And since your problem is only for a few lost Word files, the 2GB recovery limit should be more than enough.

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