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I said "for something like a controller" for a reason. I'm not talking about some Realtek ACL sound board or an ethernet card, which is a completely different matter. Lets not forget that we are talking about a company Logitech that has done this before. This is why I said that either Logitech didn't see the point if there were so few games for it, or they were just being really lazy.: The same arguments made for this game not ever being ported to Mac are the same reasons I don't use linux anymore.

It's either to much work to maintain or there isn't enough hardware that supports it. That, and the fact that every Linux distro I have ever used is glitchy as all hell. If there were more racing sims on Mac, there would be more hardware support. If there were more hardware support, there would be more racing sims. It's no different than saying " If there were more hardware support on Linux, there would be more Linux users. Just sayin'. I don't think you understand the complexity of a driver, it's not something that "hacking a plist" can fix.

Yes, Logitech could write a kext for the G25, but they won't.

Download Live for Speed

It's not a matter of going in and saying "use G25" in the code. They need to effectively code the driver from scratch. And it's not the same for Linux either. The issue with Linux is most people using it aren't using it because they are forced to..

New Year, New Releases - for both Mac and Windows

Linux won't gain adoption becuase due to these ideological views of "go free software", binary drivers for GFX and other hardware is discouraged. Thus the average joe that installs Linux, won't have 3D support It's something that every OS seems to take for granted. I install Windows 7, and I have basic 3D support.. I connect to internet, and it takes hold and installs proper drivers for me. Voila, I have full 3D support.

How to: Install Live For Speed S3 [Free][NEW LINKS]

OSX, it just works. Nobody sees a market in Mac. Valve just tried the waters recently by porting Source games over, and has been met with a larger base than expected, but that's a variety of popular FPS games, Counterstrike, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Day Of Defeat. CS alone has millions of people playing on any given day. LFS maybe has 10, people playing, so a port reaches say.. Not a good return on months that Scawen may spend on it.

It's a futile topic to converse. Don't get me wrong, I'd be the first person to go "Yay Mac!


Who said anything about a. Editing some plist file is certainly not going to do anything particularly useful. I hadn't even thought about the control panel. Most hardware developers don't even bother supporting Linux, either because it isn't mainstream or because it isn't profitable. Most software developers don't make software for Linux, either because their is little hardware support, it isn't mainstream, or because it isn't profitable.

The Mac OS is in pretty much the same situation when it comes to game development. Not because the platform wasn't popular, but because finding info on Mac OS and Power PC app development was like trying to find a needle in a 12 foot haystack trough a hubble telescope in outer space.: I remember trying learn since I was about 10 years old, and by the time I did learn to do it right, Apple announced they were switching to INTEL cores the same month. Third party development before the whole Intel switch was kind of scarce. Xbox doesn't count. Now that the Mac already has this bad reputation since the 90s when it comes to gaming, it's no wonder there are so few Mac game developers.

Decompiling it I doubt that'd help as you'd need to know Assembly.. How is Mac OS suffer from those 3 problems? Hardware support is excellent. There's no Mac in the last 5 years that suffers from exceptionally weak hardware GMA Macbooks are about the only ones. There's no drivers to worry about for.. Even most external devices just work G25 is a specialty gaming device.. Mac OS is definitely mainstream. More and more people are buying Mac's over PC's. They're not niche like Linux is.

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