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  2. How to execute PHP files on LOCALHOST using WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?
  3. How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit
  4. PHP File Extension - What is a .php file and how do I open it?
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Page content loaded. Apr 24, 8: Rename it to track. Occasionally, a media file will have a php extension due to the way the server is set up. This doesn't matter when the media is played through a browser, but becomes an issue if it's on a computer. So i just clicked it.

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I don't know how to rename something from the website. Apr 24, Apr 25, What am I massing here? It's script text I believe. It's on the server.

Even if you downloaded it you couldn't do anything with it other than steer at the code text. Wiki has as good a definition as any as to what php files are. I would assume that when you click on a php link on a web site it cause code on the server to do what is instructed by that script. If it's to play a movie or sound or whatever that that is what the script is instructing the server to do.

If you clicked on a link and got the error you saw in your first post then there is a problem with that web page's html another scripting language and it's access to executing the. Your first PHP-enabled page. I guess the answer to your original question in the title of this thread -- how do you open. Basically my problem is when i click to listen to something, i get the above message. And I can't hear what I wanted to. Is there a publically accessible link url that illustrates your problem?

How to install XAMPP on Mac OSX and test PHP

If so, please post it. Click here for the actual audio. I clicked that link and used google translate on it and got the following shrunk down and bottom cut off to avoid needless clutter here:. Please let us to know here to post this question, if not on stackoverflow. Is superuser.

I think it's commented out by default in the standard OS X config, but from what I remember, you just need to uncomment it, then re-start Apache: Matt Gibson Matt Gibson 33k 7 79 Great, this worked for me on my Lion installation Yes, this works with Like Matt Gibson said, start terminal and type: Again, edit httpd. Neejoh Neejoh 3 9. This works perfectly on Mavericks. Also tested it on OS X Yosemite, worked perfectly as expected. Thank you!

How to execute PHP files on LOCALHOST using WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP?

It actually worked. Yosemite I have one word for you. Big difference. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!!!

How to Save PHP Files in Mac TextEdit

It is surely better that we foster an understanding of non packaged up solutions as in using what is already there. This is not solving the problem it is finding a different way to get something done - not as good IMO. Not entirely sure that a package manager is substantially different though. Try it phpbrew It's ease build, install tool for PHP, any version. Open terminal. Enter the password.

PHP File Extension - What is a .php file and how do I open it?

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