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Internal storage connected by the T2 chip is industry-leading. Thunderbolt 3 is a great for external fast SSD fcpx appleevent https: Which is gonna be significantly faster than if you were working off of a single iMac Pro or an old Mac Pro. Does Avid support clustered transcodes? One app across multiple machines using the same project.

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Resolve is great on one machine for transcoding. Across 5 machines, you could maybe use Fusion. See the Tweet above and quote below. Those are around write and read. In this short video you can see for yourself just how fast this SSD drive is, transferring 10GB of files in just over 8 seconds. This connects over USB 3. According to the Amazon spec it is also 3M drop tested, and can withstand lb of crush resistance.

In the real world no one is going to create a render farm of mac minis when a single Threadripper based workstation would do it far more efficiently all in one box with multiple GPUs if required, for far less money.

The second gen 32 core Threadripper is outstanding value for the creative indie professional and a far better option either in a DIT cart or in the edit bay…. PC people seem to think that people who buy a Mac should have bought a PC for faster and cheaper spec. But people who buy a Mac obviously don't want to buy a PC, so the decision isn't just about acquiring the latest fastest, spec as cheaply as possible.

This was essentially a science experiment. Mojave, as of this episode, is only at If you want a deep dive into the possibilities of how you might use a Mac Mini in post production, this is a good place to start. The speed of its internal storage is breath-taking, the 6-core CPU has plenty of pep and the overall operation for editing is very smooth. I like the iMac because of its screen quality and its faster GPU. And, the Mac mini requires that you purchase a monitor, keyboard and mouse separately; items which are bundled with the purchase of an iMac.

For new users, that raises the purchase price of a Mac mini.

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And… it has ports! This Mini with an eGPU will scream. Very useful information once again, Larry. Some people need faster renders, others can live without them. Guess what! Not one problem.

FCP X hummms. Best Regards, -Ray Fleischmann-. If it is affected, then you have that extra port on the Mini to try using for the sound card. I moved away from FireWire a long time ago. If it is downstream, it will run at FW speeds. I am now in week two running on the new Mac Mini with Premiere Pro. Adobe no longer supports my MacPro El Cap. My work does not go beyond 1k editing. I have the 3. Thanks Larry. Thanks for the review.

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How do you think it will handle 4k video 8bit or 10bit with some titles, some color correction and maybe a few transitions? Color correction is heavily dependent upon the GPU.

Mac Mini 2018 and Final Cut Pro X - Detailed Performance Demos

On the other hand, if all you want is timeline fluidity, using proxy media for your editing will solve that problem. It all depends…. If all I need is a smooth timeline, use proxies.

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Keep in mind that as soon as you move to 4K media, you will also need high-speed external storage. That would make paying for a RX type GPU that the mini would likely be limited to internally a waste of money. After effects renders rely primarily on processor speed not GPU. GPU tends to be more for 3D oriented applications and plugins. Your email address will not be published. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses.

Become a member of our Video Training Library today! November 17, at 1: Scott Newell says: November 19, at 6: Ray Fleischmann says: November 19, at Oct 25, 5: Go into an Apple store. Use a few of their stock movie HD files to build a multicam project on the Mini. Test it for playing in real time — add titles, effects, whatever.

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Export it and note how long it takes. Do the same thing on a MBPr. Very interesting. The MBPr "won" that speed test. Oct 25, 6: No problems. Of course he is doing pretty simple stuff. For consumer type editing the new mini would be great. I use an i5 iMac with 8G and it works great.

Mac Mini late and Final Cut Pro X | MacRumors Forums

I'm sure more memory would be better Oct 25, 9: Oct 25, Russ - hilarious day many years ago, a couple of friends from Disney Productions Services were all at a Apple Store in Orlando, and somehow I ended up getting three Apple Store employees, myself, and my two friends all on two different Mac Pro's, several different MBP's and even a few Macbooks and i had loaded each one with some type of Motion template unredered and set it into a FCP timeline about seven times.

By the time I had lined everything up, a crowd had grown, like I was some kind of street performer, and all these customers were curious at what was going on and some of course were simply waiting to get on one of the machines! It was crazy! I was shouting to everyone, "OK - wait, all at once we have to hit render at the exact same time! Your story reminds me of that! Sometimes my friends from Disney still mention that escapade I think I was trying to figure out how much faster a dual quad core was from a quad core In response to yet another But I will tell you that I did attract a mini gathering of Apple Store employees who were extremely interested in the results of my timed trials.

And a long debate among them ensued to explain various unexpected results.