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A completely non-pixelated screen? Who would have ever thought?!

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However, many questions loom the supposedly revolutionary technological advancement. Is it really Since I am a wallpaper junkie, I have collected resources for quite some time now. Read on to see what some of them are to make your Mac crackle. To install one, simply click on it and the desktop will instantly change.

How To Download HD Wallpapers For Mac

Same with the solid colors. That will bring you to 4 folders worth of wallpapers, 43 in total. As you add each folder, they will appear in the box above, where you can choose one by clicking on it. The National Geographic ones are wonderful. If you are unable to find them on your computer, I have put zipped copies of mine in my Dropbox folder because I am nice like that.

Just download, unzip, add to your Mac, stir, cook for 20 minutes, and enjoy. If you have your own photos or desktop wallpapers from an online source, and you want one of them on your desktop, adding it is very simple.

macOS Mojave Wallpapers for Download in HD

However, the photo may be positioned the wrong way. When I put my darling doggie on my desktop, the top of his head got cut off which must have stung a bit. So I am always changing them about. But did you know that you can actually tell your Mac to randomly change wallpapers at a time interval that you choose? If not, they will be displayed in the order that they appear in the box. There are many advantages to having multiple monitors. Not only can you be crazy productive and look extremely cool in your command center, but you can also have one single beautiful widescreen wallpaper spanning all monitors.

You will see many nature-related wallpapers. So if you are a user will a multiple screen desktop then this is where you should be looking for high-resolution backgrounds. DevianArt is one of the biggest websites for Mac wallpapers and offers tons and tons of different genre of wallpaper.

Category Mac

Also Read: How to install Xcode 6 on Windows 8 or Windows 7. Wallpapershome has high-quality wallpapers for Apple devices such as iPhone and Mac computers. Getwallpapers is a site having most of the original Mac OS wallpapers from old to new. Downloading the wallpapers is simple and free without any registration. If you think that you are missing some old Mac wallpapers from the year , better visit this site to get them. HDW got plenty of wallpapers under each category.

You can see the number of downloads to identify the famous wallpaper. The search functionality is good, you can search based on the OS and the size of the wallpaper. Once you selected a wallpaper, it picks up similar wallpapers for your choice. Easy browsing and search functionality are the best features of this website. Excellent themed wallpapers for Mac and Apple users available. Once you selected your desired image, you will see many sizes to suit your screen size including Mac laptops , desktop, iPhone and iPad.


It generates the size on the fly and allows you to download without any registration. Mac Wallpapers Find the best HD desktop Mac wallpaper with beautiful nature landscape and mountain background.

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How To Set The Wallpaper To Change Automatically

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The Ultimate Mac Wallpaper Resource: Apps, Tricks & Tips

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